Introduction to Microsoft Power Platform developer resources

Microsoft Power Platform
Power Apps
Microsoft Dataverse

The goal of this module is to give a broad-scoped overview of the developer experience as it relates to Microsoft Power Platform. It will cover a high-level introduction how the ecosystem is represented, with the intended audience being a software developer with limited experience in working with Microsoft Power Platform.

Learning objectives

In this module you'll be able to:

  • Explain what solution components exist within Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Explain key components of Microsoft Dataverse and the Common Data Model.
  • Explain what Azure solution elements relate to Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Explain what AI Solutions exist as it relates to Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Navigate the Developer Guide successfully in support of their Microsoft Power Platform development efforts.


Basic understanding of Microsoft Power Platform, experience in software development against the Microsoft stack and Visual Studio, and experience in administering solutions in Azure is preferred.