Introduction to Viva Topics

Solution Architect
Microsoft Viva
Viva Topics
Microsoft 365

Viva Topics is an add-on service in Microsoft Viva, an employee experience platform (EXP) for a unified knowledge and content experience across Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Search. Viva Topics can help your people learn in the flow with Microsoft 365 apps without manually mining disparate applications or repositories.

Learning objectives

When you finish with this module, you'll be able to:

  • Describe how AI interacts with Viva Topics
  • Identify the administrator scenarios for Viva Topics
  • Optimize your SharePoint environment to take advantage of Viva Topics
  • Sign up for a trial of Viva Topics
  • Create a Topic center & assign licenses
  • Change the name of the Topic center


  • Familiar with Microsoft 365 apps and Microsoft Teams