Ecosystem of modern analytics


Several references have been made to Microsoft Power BI-related tools and technologies. The following sections closely examine how these tools relate to each other.

Screenshot of a diagram showing the modern analytics ecosystem with author, raw data, Power Query, Data Model, Excel canvas, and Power BI reports.

Every solution starts with raw data, which is messy.

With Power Query, you can grab, clean, and shape data for feeding into the data model. The Data Model feature crunches data into meaningful, insightful metrics and analytics, and it's used to explore data to drive informed business decisions and measure impact.

By using Microsoft Power BI Desktop to create a data model and create reports, you can publish or share those dataset and report assets into Power BI service for consumption. Power BI reports have a modern reporting and visualization surface with support for customizing reports and a dashboard for mobile devices. You can also use the familiar Excel canvas as the reporting and visualization surface with the Analyze in Excel feature in Power BI, which includes enhanced functions to access the calculations that are performed by your data model.

This modern analytics ecosystem allows data professionals to create a single version of the truth solution to empower self-service or to support enterprise scale business intelligence reporting and analysis.