Set up a OneNote Staff Notebook


In this video guide, you'll find out how to:

  • Create a OneNote Staff Notebook
  • Add custom sections
  • Add or remove notebook users and co-owners


Create your own Staff Notebook and complete the following tasks:

  • Add a new custom section
  • Add content to a page in the Content Library and distribute it to the staff members in the notebook.

A graphic containing the following words: Application Alley Staff notebooks can house: Policy and procedure manuals. Forms teachers use frequently. Sub lists. School goals. Important dates.


When might it be beneficial to share and co-own a notebook with another staff member?

The Content Library is like a filing cabinet, but it also has a useful search feature which allows you to find your resources quickly. Think about how you file paper-based content in your school. Could Staff Notebook be used to make the content readily available and searchable for the staff who need it?

Use this click-through guide to take a step-by step walkthrough of how to set up a Staff Notebooks.