Combine Power Automate desktop and cloud flows

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This module describes how to combine a Power Automate desktop flow with a Power Automate cloud flow. It demonstrates how to call an existing Power Automate desktop flow from a cloud flow to enhance its functionality and save time when designing large, complex flows.

Learning objectives

This module explains how to:

  • Create a cloud flow in Power Automate that calls a Power Automate desktop flow.
  • Use the values of variables from Power Automate in a Power Automate desktop flow.
  • Use the resulting variables from Power Automate for desktop in Power Automate actions.


  • Either a paid or trial Power Automate license.
  • A work or school account to sign into your Windows device with administrator privileges and Power Automate.
  • A device that runs Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019.
  • Microsoft Edge (version 80 or later) or other supported browser.
  • An environment with a Dataverse database.