Exercise implement access management for apps


Create an Azure account and add Azure Active Directory Premium P2 trial licenses

The tasks in this exercise and the exercises in this learning path require you to already have and Azure subscription that you can use or to sign up for an Azure trial account. If you already have your own Azure subscription, you may skip this task and continue to the next.

  1. In a web browser, go to Azure portal.
  2. Scroll down through the page to learn more about the benefits and free services available.
  3. Select Start free.
  4. Use the wizard to sign up for your Azure trial subscription.
  5. You will need to add an Azure AD P2 license to complete some of the exercises. In the organization you created, search for and then select Azure Active Directory.
  6. In the left navigation menu, select Getting started.
  7. Under Getting started with Azure AD, select Get a free trial for Azure AD Premium.
  8. In the Activate pane, under AZURE AD PREMIUM P2, select Free trial and then select Activate.
  9. In the navigation menu on the left, select Overview.
  10. Refresh the browser until you see Azure AD Premium P2 under the organization name. It may take a couple of minutes.
  11. You may need to sign out and sign back into Microsoft Azure if you encounter any problems with expected features not being available.

Add an app to your Azure AD tenant

Here, you’ll add an Enterprise app that you can use for the exercise.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal using a Global Administrator account.

  2. Open the portal menu and then select Azure Active Directory.

  3. On the Azure Active Directory blade, under Manage, select Enterprise applications.

  4. In the Enterprise applications pane, select + New application.

    Screenshot of the Enterprise applications screen with New application highlighted.

  5. In the Browse Azure AD Gallery (Preview) blade, in the Search application box, enter GitHub.

    Screenshot of the Browse Azure AD Gallery screen with the search box highlighted.

  6. In the results, select GitHub Enterprise Cloud – Enterprise Account.

  7. In the GitHub Enterprise Cloud – Enterprise Account, review the settings and then select Create.

  8. Once the account is created, you will be redirected to the GitHub Enterprise Cloud – Enterprise Account blade.

Assign users to an app

Assign your administrator account to the recently added app.

  1. On the GitHub Enterprise Cloud – Enterprise Account blade, on the Overview page, under Getting Started, select 1. Assign users and groups. Alternatively, in the left navigation, under Manage, you can select Users and groups.

  2. On the Users and groups page, on the menu, select +Add user/group.

  3. On the Add Assignment blade, select Users and groups.

  4. In the Users and groups pane, select your administrator account and then Select.

    Screenshot of add a user account assignment to an app with the Select button highlighted.

  5. Select Assign.