Planning the deployment of a Microsoft 365 tenant is a multi-step process. Once an organization has planned for its Microsoft 365 on-premises infrastructure, it should then plan its identity and authentication solution, which was the focus of this module. The module began by examining the key areas that organizations must plan for to either move their Microsoft 365 service completely to the cloud or to hybridize their environment. You then reviewed a host of identity-related issues that require planning, including:

  • Directory synchronization
  • Microsoft Entra Connect Sync
  • Microsoft Entra Connect cloud sync
  • Microsoft Entra Connect pass through
  • AD FS deployments
  • Microsoft Entra single sign-on

Microsoft 365 uses Microsoft Entra ID, which is a cloud-based user identity and authentication service that's included with a Microsoft 365 subscription. Microsoft Entra ID manages identities and authentication for Microsoft 365. This module examined the importance of correctly configuring your identity infrastructure and managing Microsoft 365 user access and permissions for your organization.

Now that you've completed this module, you should have a greater understanding of what's required for planning your Microsoft 365 identity and authentication solution.