A tenant is a term used for a Microsoft 365 organization. It's a dedicated instance of the Microsoft 365 service that an organization receives and owns when it creates a relationship with Microsoft. Each Microsoft 365 tenant is unique and separate from other Microsoft 365 tenants. For example, a tenant name can't be changed, so organizations must ensure they choose their name wisely.

A tenant stores the users in a company and the information about them. The data that it stores for each user account includes the user password, user profile data, permissions, and so on. It also contains groups, applications, and other information related to an organization and its security.

This module examines the key areas that organizations must plan for in order to create their Microsoft 365 tenant. These areas include subscription options, tenant components, and the overall migration process.

After completing this module, you'll be able to:

  • Determine which Microsoft 365 subscription offerings best suit your organization’s requirements.
  • Identify which Microsoft 365 component services satisfy your organizational needs.
  • Identify the steps to successfully create a tenant for Microsoft 365.