Document management with SharePoint


Model-driven Power Apps (including Dynamics 365 apps) support integration with SharePoint Online, which enables you to use the document management capabilities of SharePoint that are related to Microsoft Dataverse rows. Power Apps portals supports uploading and displaying documents to and from SharePoint directly on a table form or basic form in a portal. This feature allows portal users to view, download, add, and delete documents from a portal. Portal users can also create subfolders to organize their documents. Table permissions determine if a user can view, upload, or delete documents.

  • Document management works only with SharePoint Online.
  • Document management is supported with server-based integration.

To work with the document management capabilities of SharePoint from within model-driven apps, you must:

  1. Enable document management functionality in the Dataverse environment.
  2. Set up SharePoint integration from Power Apps portals admin center.
  3. Enable document management for tables.
  4. Configure the appropriate form to display documents.
  5. Create the appropriate table permission and assign it to the appropriate web role.

Watch the following video to learn how to enable SharePoint integration for your portal and give portal users access to the related documents.


Some terminology in Dataverse has changed since the video was created. See What is Microsoft Dataverse? - Terminology updates for more details.

For more information, see Manage SharePoint documents.