Create bots and work with the Power Virtual Agents interface


Before you start creating bots, it is important to consider what the bot will be used for. For example, you might use the bot to handle account inquiries, or you could use it for self-service support cases such as knowledge base access. Knowing how you plan to use the bot will help you define and plot out conversation paths and determine how many topics the bot will handle. Other functions that you could consider include using the bot to look up basic account details, perform more advanced account operations, or implement some type of action. The more scenarios that you initially consider, the easier it will be to determine the topics that your bot needs for you to facilitate it.

You can create bots by selecting the bot icon in the Power Virtual Agents interface. Bots are created for each environment. By default, all bots will be created in the default Power Apps environment for your organization or tenant, unless otherwise specified. You can choose which environment that you want to use by selecting more options to see a list of available environments.

New bot button and environment and bot association

In the Create a new bot dialog box, enter a name for your bot. Select Create to begin the bot-building process, which can take up to 15 minutes for the first bot that you create in an environment. Subsequent bots take less time to create.

Screenshot of change environment for new bot creation.

Delete a bot

Bots that are no longer needed can be removed from your environment. This situation might occur when the bot is being replaced with a different bot, or if the bot no longer fits the needs of your organization. Use the bot icon on the top menu bar and then select the bot that you want to delete. Select the Settings icon and General settings, and then select the Delete Bot option.

Screenshot of general settings for deleting a bot.

Work with the Power Virtual Agents user interface

The Power Virtual Agents user interface provides you with all the tools necessary to create, test, publish, and monitor the performance of your bot. When the application is loaded after the bot has been created, you will see multiple areas that can help you throughout process of working with your bot.

The following image shows an example of what the user interface looks like.

Screenshot of user interface example process.

The following list describes the Power Virtual Agents user interface features, as indicated in the previous image:

  1. Bots panel - Used to create and open existing bots across all your environments.

  2. Settings - Provides access to different Power Virtual Agents settings, such as fallback topics and transfer to agent settings.

  3. Home - Takes you to the main page of your bot. On this page, you can find tools to assist you with creating, publishing, and monitoring performance of your bot. Learning content and training videos can also be accessed from this location.

  4. Topics - Provides access to all user and system topics that are available for the bot.

  5. Entities - Provides access to all prebuilt and custom entities that are available to be used by the bot.

  6. Analytics - Provides analytical details that are related to the performance and usage of the bot.

  7. Publish - Provides tools for publishing your bot and deploying it to different channels.

  8. Manage - Toolset that assists in management items such as which channels your bot is deployed to, bot authentication, and skills management.

  9. Test/Hide bot - Opens the Test bot dialog box, where you can engage with bot topics in real time.

  10. Test bot panel - Lets you test your bot topics to ensure that they are performing as expected.