Types of product recommendations


Omnichannel product recommendations are integrable with the Commerce solution. With this service enabled, retailers can improve product discovery with automated product recommendations anywhere across the business (online, Store Commerce, call center, and more). The available types of automated product recommendations in Commerce are:

  • Algorithmic or Automated

    • New -This list shows the newest products that are available to channels and catalogs, based on date.
    • Best selling - This list shows products ranked by the highest number of unit sales.
    • Trending - This list shows the intersection of new and best-selling products, in other words, the highest-performing products for a given period.
  • AI-Machine learning

    • Frequently bought together - This list recommends products that are commonly purchased together with the contents of the consumer’s current cart.
    • People also like - This list shows recommended products for a given seed product based on consumer purchase patterns.
    • Picks for you - This list provides personalized recommendations based on the purchase history of a signed-in user.

Additionally, you can use the Products by Category, Related to Products, Search results, and Curated product lists from within the product collection module to manually configure recommendation lists.

In Commerce, retailers can also make personalized product recommendations available. As a result, personalized recommendations can be incorporated into the online customer experience and at the point of sale. When the personalization functionality is turned on, the system can associate a user's purchase and product browsing information to generate individualized product recommendations.