Shop similar looks


Using the power of AI and machine learning, the Shop similar looks feature brings new and appealing options to the forefront of the shopping experience. The effect can be transformative, resulting in increased sales as customers discover more of what they want in an easy-to-use visual experience. This functionality uses images in the existing product catalog and is available on both the point of sale and online store experiences.

Screenshot showing the shop similar looks button.

Some example scenarios are:

  • A customer views a black striped sweater and receives a recommendation for a similar sweater in red. The customer selects the recommended product instead of the originally viewed product and then receives recommendations for similar products in red.

  • A customer uses Shop similar looks recommendations to discover matching earrings for a ring that the customer is interested in buying.

To learn more about how to set up the Shop similar looks recommendation feature, and its prerequisites see Enable "shop similar looks" recommendations.