Run containers on Windows Server

Solution Architect
Windows Server

Learn about Windows Server and Hyper-V containers, associated isolation modes, running containers, and preparing the Windows Server host for running containerized workloads. Learn about Docker, preparing Windows Server for running container workloads, and managing containers.

Learning objectives

After completing this module, you'll be able to:

  • Describe containers and how they work.

  • Explain the difference between containers and virtual machines (VMs).

  • Describe the difference between process isolation and Hyper-V isolation modes.

  • Describe Docker and how it's used to manage Windows containers.

  • Identify the container-based images available from the Microsoft Container Registry.

  • Understand the process for running a Windows container.

  • Explain how to manage containers using Windows Admin Center (WAC).


To get the best learning experience from this module, you should have knowledge and experience of:

  • Windows Server.

  • Working with virtualization technologies.