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At Tailwind Traders, recall that retail employees are issued tablet devices from which they can track orders and plan their work schedules.

Tailwind Traders also allows delivery drivers to use their own mobile devices to access scheduling and logistics applications.

A stolen password might allow unauthorized access to company and customer data. Tailwind Traders wants to extend its investments in Active Directory to secure all of its applications, when accessed both from the intranet and from public networks.

The company is looking into how Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), single sign-on (SSO), multifactor authentication, and Conditional Access can help it achieve those goals.

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How can the IT department ensure that employees at the company's retail stores can access company applications only from approved tablet devices?


How can the IT department use biometric properties, such as facial recognition, to enable delivery drivers to prove their identities?


How can the IT department reduce the number of times users must authenticate to access multiple applications?