Use reverb to add distance to spatial audio



Reverberation is the phenomenon of persistence of sound after it is stopped because of multiple reflections from surfaces such as furniture, people, air, etc. in a closed surface. These reflections build up with each reflection and decay gradually as they are absorbed by the surface of objects in the space enclosed.

It is the same as the echo, but the distance between the source of the sound and also the obstacle through which it gets reflected is less if there is this reverberation. The quantitative characterization of the reverberation is done by using the parameter called reverberation time.

SFX reverb

The SFX Reverb Effect takes the output of an Audio Mixer group and distorts it to create a custom reverb effect.

Dry level

It's a mixed level of a dry signal in output in MB. Ranges from –10000.0 to 0.0. Default is 0 MB.

Room property

Room effect level at low frequencies in MB. Ranges from –10000.0 to 0.0. Default is –10000.0 MB. Room effect high-frequency level in MB. It ranges from –10000.0 to 0.0. Default is 0.0 MB.

Decay time

Reverberation decay time at low-frequencies in seconds. Ranges from 0.1 to 20.0. Default is 1.0.