Over the course of this module, you explored features of Azure Arc and the benefits it brings to customers like Contoso when combined with Azure Stack HCI and its virtualized and containerized workloads. You reviewed Azure Arc's primary use cases and verified that it allows you to integrate all of Contoso's remaining on-premises resources with Azure. You also identified the future operating model, which will combine the modern technological capabilities of Azure Stack HCI and its workloads with the management methodology that leverages the existing IT skills but promotes transition to the way workloads running in Azure are administered.

Given the size, global presence, and hybrid nature of Contoso's IT environment, you concluded that the optimal way to streamline management and maintenance of the two workloads types that must remain in Contoso' datacenters was to deploy them onto Azure Stack HCI cluster. To bridge the gap between the administrative model of on-premises and cloud services, you suggested implementation of Azure Arc.

With this approach, Contoso benefits from the centralized, at-scale management provided by Azure Arc while being able to run on-premises workloads on the resilient and straightforward to manage Azure Stack HCI clusters. In addition, you can integrate Azure Stack HCI and its workloads with a number of Azure cloud services (such as Azure Monitor) that further reduce management overhead and minimize the footprint of the on-premises infrastructure.

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