Introduction to Blob storage


Blobs give you object storage in the cloud and an API that lets you build apps to access the data.

Suppose you work at an augmented-reality gaming company. Your game runs on every mobile platform. You want to add a new feature to let users record video clips of their gameplay and upload the clips to your servers. Users will be able to watch clips directly in the game or through your website. You plan to log every upload and viewing for use in analytics and for traceability.

You need a storage solution that can handle thousands of simultaneous uploads, massive amounts of video data, and constantly growing log files. You also need to add the viewing functionality to all your mobile apps and your website, so you want API access from multiple platforms and languages.

Here, you'll see how Azure Blob Storage could be appropriate for this app.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Organize your data with Azure Blob Storage
  • Create storage resources to hold blobs
  • Store and retrieve data from Azure Blob Storage