Prepare for the workshop


Typically, the Test strategy review workshop takes two hours to conduct. The time will vary based on the level of detail that is available for review and the breadth and complexity of the solution. The solution architect will work with the implementation team leadership to plan the workshop based on the specifics of the solution that is being reviewed and the findings from the Solution blueprint review workshop.

Prior to the Test strategy review workshop, participants should make sure that they're as familiar as possible with the structure of the workshop, the prerequisites, and the types of topics that will be covered. The solution architect will provide an agenda with topics and prerequisites ahead of the workshop.

Essentially, the Test strategy review workshop is a discussion; it’s not intended to be a questionnaire that can be completed and reviewed in an offline mode. While the prerequisites are defined and provided in advance, it isn't possible to encapsulate the breadth of directions in which the conversation might lead.

The solution architect will prepare in advance for the workshop by reviewing existing project artifacts. Helpful project artifacts include:

  • Solution blueprint - Helps provide the context of the project scope and the high-level design that is expected to achieve that scope.
  • High-level project plan - Helps explain the context within which the different types of testing will be conducted, the dependencies, and the impact of testing outcomes on the project.
  • Test strategy document - Provides a description of the key areas to be reviewed.
  • Test plans - Test plans that are created from the test strategy for specific test types, for example, a separate test plan might exist for system integration testing or UAT that provides more specific details on test cases, resources, and reporting.

It also helps for the relevant members of the implementation team to have examined recommended practices on test strategy, such as this Test Strategy for finance and operations Implementations Tech Talk. It also helps discussion focus if the implementation team sends a list of existing questions/concerns ahead of the workshop.

The preceding list isn't comprehensive of the documents that help frame the discussion. For example, it would also help to have the solution architecture diagram (technical and business process) and the high-level business processes, if these haven't been already shared and reviewed as part of the Solution blueprint review workshop.

When you conduct a Test strategy review workshop early in the project, some documents might not be fully completed or approved internally, which shouldn't be a barrier to sharing the documents or to conducting the workshop. It’s more important that project scope has been determined and that a conceptual plan has been developed for how the solution will be validated.

If your project uses different ways to manage or track project information other than the provided workshop templates, or if the project uses different documents or terminology, then sharing the documents that fit the project’s approach and structure is acceptable. Typically, the format isn’t critical if the information is readily available to project members. If the previously listed information isn’t documented, or if it's documented in a way that it isn't easily accessible, you should prioritize ensuring that the relevant documents are produced.

We recommend that you use diagrams and visual representations to provide high-level summaries, where possible. These diagrams, charts, and graphs provide a ready means of communication across the team and with executives about plans and designs.


The Test strategy review workshop is not intended to be an exhaustive review of all detailed test cases and all testing that will be conducted as part of the project. The assumption is that the implementation team will provide a relevant summary and highlight key concerns and that solution architects will investigate potential problem areas. The solution architect will suggest further in-depth workshops if additional assessment is required.