Exercise - Use transfer learning


PyTorch and TensorFlow both support a library of existing models that you can use as the basis for transfer learning.

In this exercise, you'll use your preferred framework to train a convolutional neural network model by using transfer learning.

To complete the exercise:

  1. In Jupyter, in the ml-basics folder, open either the Transfer Learning (PyTorch).ipynb or Transfer Learning (Tensorflow).ipynb notebook, depending on your framework preference, and follow the instructions it contains.

  2. When you've finished, close and halt all notebooks.


If you used a compute instance in an Azure Machine Learning workspace to complete the exercises, use these steps to clean up.

  1. Close all Jupyter notebooks and the Jupyter home page.

  2. In Azure Machine Learning Studio, on the Compute page, select your compute instance, and in the top menu bar, select Stop.

If you don't intend to complete other modules that require the Azure Machine Learning workspace, you can delete the resource group you created for it from your Azure subscription.