Create a form processing flow


Begin in Power Automate and select AI Builder from the vertical menu and then select Models. Then select + Build a model.

Screenshot of the Power Automate navigation with AI Builder and Build options highlighted.

Many models are available that you can choose from. Take a moment and read the descriptions to become familiar with the various models. This module uses the Form Processing model, which reads information from documents to extract pertinent details. Choose the appropriate model to continue.

Screenshot of the Enhance your business with AI dialog box.

Select Get started.


If you're using the Form Processing model, you'll need at least five documents to train your model. The more documents you have, the better.

Screenshot of the Form Processing Get started page.

A new screen will appear, which will demonstrate the process of creating and training your model.

Select the pencil to rename the form.

Screenshot of the Form Processing Get started page with rename button.