Set up the Unity project


A sample project is available, which includes a pre-configured application. You are tasked to create the button prefabs that will be instantiated when the app starts. Before you can begin creating the prefab, you'll need to clone the project on GitHub and configure Unity for Windows Mixed Reality development.

Download the starter project

Download the Mixed Reality starter project from Azure. You will find a zip folder called space-jam-a-new-legacy-mrtk-starter-project. Extract the contents of this zip file, and save to your computer:

Screenshot of Windows File Explorer, showing the contents of the "Space Jam" folder, which is in the "space-jam-a-new-legacy-mrtk-starter-project" folder.

Open the project in Unity

In the Unity Hub, add the sample project, which is the space-jam-a-new-legacy-mrtk-starter-project/SpaceJam/ folder.

Screenshot of the Unity Hub folder selection popup with the "Space Jam" folder open.

If necessary, allow Unity to upgrade the project to your installed version.

Screenshot of the Unity Hub, with the "Space Jam" project added in the Projects list.

Next, open the project in Unity.

In the Project panel, open the Scenes folder. Then, select and open the PlayerRoster scene.

Screenshot of the Unity Project panel, with the Scenes folder highlighted and the PlayerRoster scene highlighted.

In the Hierarchy panel, you should now see the PlayerRoster scene. The scene includes the lighting, MixedRealityToolkit, and MixedRealityPlayspace, which contains the camera.

Screenshot of the Unity Hierarchy panel, with the PlayerRoster scene components highlighted.

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