Confirm and finalize requirements


After requirement collection has been completed for this sprint or iteration (or whole project high-level planning), the solution architect should review the requirements. This step is in addition to processing notes promptly after a customer workshop to avoid forgetting the relevance of your cryptic notes. The purpose of this review is to reflect on all the requirements that are going into the next build effort.

To thoroughly review the requirements, the solution architect should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Are the requirements complete? Who needs the requirements and why do they need them?

  • Is the estimate adequate? Did details change, or are any revisions required?

  • Is the priority correct? Does the priority seem like it's too low or too high?

  • Is everything in scope? Was a requirement overlooked that could be included in the defined scope?

  • Have the requirements mapped to business objectives? How can requirements that don't map be dealt with?

  • Have the stakeholders reached an agreement on the plan?

  • Does a roadmap to the next iteration exist? Is there a roadmap for the entire solution?