Architect API integration in Azure

Solution Architect
Azure API Management

Learn how to architect API integration in Azure, and provide secure, scalable API access for your applications.


  • Familiarity with basic concepts of web APIs, including operations, endpoints, and API standards such as OpenAPI.
  • Familiarity with C#
  • Have a base understanding of Azure and cloud concepts, services, and the Azure portal.

Modules in this learning path

Learn how the API Management service functions, how to transform and secure APIs, and how to create a backend API.

Use API management to control who uses your APIs, to enforce usage policies, and to present a professional front-end to developers using the API.

API Management policies are configurable modules that you can add to APIs to change their behaviors. Policies can do things like cache responses, transform documents and values, call webhooks for notification or audit purposes, and retry requests after transient failures. This module shows how to use policies to enable caching in order to improve API performance under load.

Protect your backend APIs from information exposure and implement throttling (rate limiting) to prevent resource exhaustion with policies in Azure API Management.

Discover how to protect your APIs from unauthorized use with API keys and client certificate authentication.

Combine multiple Azure Functions apps into a unified interface by importing them into a single Azure API Management instance.