Architect compute infrastructure in Azure

Solution Architect
Azure Virtual Machines

Learn how to architect compute infrastructure and solutions to automate your business processes in Azure.


  • Familiarity with virtual machines
  • Familiarity networking and storage concepts for virtual machines

Modules in this learning path

Learn how to use the cross-platform Azure CLI to create, start, stop, and perform other management tasks related to virtual machines in Azure.

Discover the services and tools available to automate the deployment and configuration of your Azure infrastructure.

Write JSON Azure Resource Manager templates (ARM templates) by using Visual Studio Code to deploy your infrastructure to Azure consistently and reliably.

Standardize and automate your virtual machine deployments to minimize manual configuration, variance, and errors.

Enable your application to automatically adjust to changes in load while minimizing costs with Virtual Machine Scale Sets.

Microsoft Azure provides several different ways to host and run code or workflows without using Virtual Machines (VMs) including Azure Functions, Microsoft Power Automate, Azure Logic Apps, and Azure WebJobs. In this module, you will learn about these technologies and how to choose the right one for a given scenario.

Discover the services available on Azure for your high-performance computing workloads.

Azure Batch is an Azure service that enables you to run large-scale parallel and high-performance computing (HPC) applications efficiently in the cloud. There's no need to manage or configure infrastructure. Just schedule the job, allocate the resources you need, and let Batch take care of the rest.