Architect message brokering and serverless applications in Azure

Solution Architect
Azure Functions
Azure Event Hubs
Azure Event Grid
Azure Service Bus
Azure Logic Apps

Learn how to create reliable messaging for your applications, and how to take advantage of serverless application services in Azure.


  • Familiarity with C#

Modules in this learning path

Azure Functions allows developers to host business logic that can be executed without managing or provisioning infrastructure.

Define a workflow using built-in triggers, actions, and conditional operators. Your workflow will run automatically when data is available, process the data in the cloud, record results in a database, and send email notifications.

When you have an application that consists of components running on different computers, servers, and mobile devices, reliable communications between those components can be difficult and unreliable. Azure provides several technologies that you can use to communicate more reliably, including Storage queues, Event Hubs, Event Grid, and Service Bus. This module shows you how to choose the best technology for your communication task.

Implement the publish-subscribe pattern in the cloud using Azure Queue storage.

Connect sending and receiving applications with Event Hubs so you can handle high loads without losing data.

Write C# code in a custom application that sends and receives messages using Azure Service Bus topics and queues.

Build a serverless application architecture, automate your operations, and integrate applications by handling Azure events with Event Grid.

Securely expose services that run in your on-premises network to clients in the cloud, without having to open a port on your firewall or make intrusive changes to your corporate network infrastructure.