Build web apps with ASP.NET Core for beginners


Get started with web development using ASP.NET Core. In this beginner-friendly pathway, you'll learn the basics of C#, HTML, Razor Pages, and more!


Modules in this learning path

Get started by writing code examples to learn the basics of the C# syntax.

Practice the beginning steps of web development by creating a simple web project in Visual Studio Code that contains a web page, a CSS file, and a JavaScript file. Learn how to use developer tools in your browser to check your work.

There are various tools and reports at your disposal that can highlight issues that need to be addressed. There are also standards like ARIA tags that will make your app usable by all.

Learn how to create web pages using Razor with ASP.NET Core.

Create a RESTful service with ASP.NET Core controllers that supports create, read, update, delete (CRUD) operations.

Use the publishing features of Visual Studio 2022 to deploy and manage an ASP.NET Core web application hosted on Azure.