Assemble items in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Business User
Dynamics 365
Business Central

Do you sell assembled items? This learning path provides the information you need to assembly management and items. It also provides steps to produce assembled items to stock or order.


  • Understanding how to navigate in the Business Central application
  • Know how to create items
  • Know how to process sales orders

Modules in this learning path

Do you assemble items? This module will focus on how to set up assembly management in Business Central and how to prepare warehouses in Business Central for assembling items.

Do you want to know how to set up assembly items in Business Central? This module provides information to set up assembly items. It explains how to create an assembly bill of materials and how to assign the assembly policy.

Do you need to assemble items for orders? This module will focus on the assemble-to-order flows. It explains how to create and process assembly orders for sold items that are not kept in inventory. It demonstrates how to customize assembly orders based on customers’ demand and how to check the availability of the assembly components.

Assembly items that typically are not customizable and that companies want to keep in stock are set up with the Assemble-to-Stock assembly policy. This module explains how to create assembly orders manually and how to replenish assembly items by calculating a plan.