Define and implement continuous integration

DevOps Engineer
Solution Architect
Azure DevOps
Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Automation

Create automated pipelines that continuously build, test, package, and deploy your applications.



Modules in this learning path

Set up a continuous integration (CI) pipeline that automates the process of building your application.

Set up automated testing in your pipeline to improve code quality.

Manage your application and the packages it uses across build Pipelines.

Learn how to use your own build agent when Microsoft-hosted agents don't meet your needs.

Set up a continuous delivery (CD) pipeline that automates the process of deploying your application.

Design and create a realistic release pipeline that promotes changes to various testing and staging environments.

Run Selenium UI tests, a form of functional testing, in Azure Pipelines.

Run automated load tests by using Apache JMeter, a form of nonfunctional testing, in Azure Pipelines.

Choose and implement a deployment pattern that helps you smoothly roll out new application features to your users.

Create a desired state configuration script that checks that IIS is installed. Onboard virtual machines (VMs) for management by Azure Automation. Automatically install IIS on the VMs where that feature is missing.

Learn how to create workflows that enable you to use Continuous Integration (CI) for your projects.