AZ-400: Manage infrastructure as code using Azure and DSC

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Security Operations Analyst
Service Adoption Specialist
Solution Architect
Technology Manager
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This learning path explores the “Infrastructure as Code” (IaC) concept and how to manage your operations environment the same way you do applications or other code for general release.



Modules in this learning path

This module describes key concepts of infrastructure as code and environment deployment creation and configuration. Also, understand the imperative, declarative, and idempotent configuration and how it applies to your company.

This module explores Azure Resource Manager templates and their components and details dependencies and modularized templates with secrets.

This module explains Azure CLI to create Azure resources, run templates, and detail Azure CLI commands.

This module describes Azure Automation with Azure DevOps, using runbooks, webhooks, and PowerShell workflows. You'll learn how to create and manage automation for your environment.

This module describes Desired State Configuration (DSC) and its components for implementation. You can exercise how to import, compile and automate your environment creation, and use DSC for Linux automation on Azure.

This module explains Bicep and how it integrates with different tools such as Azure CLI and Visual Studio Code for environment deployment configuration.