AZ-400: Development for enterprise DevOps

DevOps Engineer
Security Engineer
Security Operations Analyst
Service Adoption Specialist
Solution Architect
Technology Manager
Azure Artifacts
Azure Boards
Azure Cloud Services
Azure DevOps
Azure Pipelines
Azure Repos
Azure Test Plans

This learning path examines the key Git features that organizations must plan for when designing their enterprise DevOps.



Modules in this learning path

This module explores the key areas that organizations must apply to start their DevOps transformation Journey, change the team's mindset, and define timelines and goals.

This module introduces you to GitHub Projects, GitHub Project Boards and Azure Boards. It explores ways to link Azure Boards and GitHub, configure GitHub Projects and Project views, and manage work with GitHub Projects.

This module explores Git branching types, concepts, and models for the continuous delivery process. It helps companies defining their branching strategy and organization.

This module presents pull requests for collaboration and code reviews using Azure DevOps and GitHub mobile for pull request approvals. It helps understanding how pull requests works and how to configure them.

This module describes Git hooks and their usage during the development process, implementation, and behavior.

This module explains how to use Git to foster inner sources across the organization, implement Fork and its workflows.

This module explores how to work with large repositories, purge repository data and manage and automate release notes using GitHub.

This module examines technical debt, complexity, quality metrics, and plans for effective code reviews and code quality validation.