Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB

Azure Cosmos DB

In the following modules, we will introduce the Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB account. We will learn how to add Azure Cosmos DB databases, collections and documents to the account. We will discuss the importance of using the proper model, sharding and indexing designs to ensure the best performance of the collections. You will also learn about the migration from and existing MongoDB database to Azure Cosmos DB. Finally, Azure Cosmos DB replication and monitoring will be covered. These modules should give you a good introduction on how to design and manage an Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB account. Time to get started.


Before starting this module, you should have experience of building cloud applications with JavaScript, Java, Python, C# or a similar programming language.

Modules in this learning path

This Module introduces Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB accounts. It helps you get started, create your first objects and connect to your account.

This module will introduce Azure Cosmos DB modeling, shard keys and indexing concepts. We will also discuss Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB collection's support for MongoDB aggregation pipelines.

In this module we will learn several ways to migrate existing MongoDB databases to Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB.

This module will introduce replication, consistency Levels, and Azure monitoring for Azure Cosmos DB.