Linux on Azure

Solution Architect

This comprehensive learning path reviews deployment and management of Linux on Azure. Learn about cloud computing concepts, Linux IaaS and PaaS solutions and benefits and Azure cloud services. Discover how to migrate and extend your Linux-based workloads on Azure with improved scalability, security, and privacy.



Modules in this learning path

Discover the unique benefits of running Linux on Azure, and how to run Linux-based applications and workloads in the cloud with Azure.

In this module, we discuss how to create a Linux virtual machine using the Azure portal.

In this module, you'll discover how to optimize IT operations and management with Azure Automanage.

Learn the benefits of installing SQL Server on Linux.

In this module, you'll learn about the issues and considerations for migrating on-premises open-source databases to Azure, the services that Azure provides to help you migrate your databases, and how to plan a migration.

Learn how to set up a MEAN-based web application on a new Azure Linux virtual machine.