Build web apps with Blazor


Learn how to build your first web app with the Blazor web user-interface framework.



Modules in this learning path

Discover the key features of Blazor for building your next web app.

Learn how to build your first web app with Blazor.

Learn how to build a to-do list with Blazor.

Design user interface elements for a web app by using Blazor components. You'll also obtain data and display it to the user on dynamic webpages.

Learn how to manage request routing by using the @page directive, Blazor routing, NavLink, and NavMenu components. Increase an app's flexibility by adding routing parameters in your Blazor components. Use layouts to improve your app by reducing duplicate code.

Learn how to use forms in Blazor, add event handlers, and validate the data a user submits. By using Blazor form components you can validate client-side forms without writing client-side JavaScript to handle the validations.

Learn how to interoperate Blazor apps with JavaScript code, use templated components, and handle component lifecycle events.

By using Blazor components, you can reuse sections of HTML in your applications. Learn how to build a component, package it, and share it with other Blazor applications.

In this module, you learn the fundamentals of Blazor while building a "Connect Four" game.