Calculate and post job WIP in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Dynamics 365
Business Central

Do you want to learn about job WIP in Business Central? This module discusses WIP methods, how to calculate it, and also how to close a job.


  • Basic understanding of how to navigate in the Dynamics 365 Business Central application
  • Understanding of job costing and work-in-progress concepts

Modules in this learning path

Do you want to know how to calculate job WIP in Dynamics 365 Business Central? This module explores the job WIP methods and explains the concepts of work in process (WIP) in Business Central.

Do you want to be able to calculate WIP for your jobs? This module explains how to calculate the work in process (WIP) for a single job or for all jobs at the same time.

Do you want to discover what to do in Business Central when the actual work for the job is completed? This module explains how to close a job in Business Central.