Accelerate cloud adoption with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

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Do you need a clear path forward for your cloud journey? This learning path includes best practice guidance to help you create a cloud strategy, define a cloud adoption plan, prepare your cloud environment with proper governance, and implement cloud operations in alignment with your organizational needs. Cloud architects and IT professionals will learn and engage with the proven best practices, tools, and documentation in the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure to build the technical knowledge needed to help your organization successfully adopt the cloud and meet business goals.

For additional learning on how to manage organizational alignment, take this learning module: Use the Cloud Adoption Framework to manage organizational alignment.


An understanding of cloud computing is helpful, but isn't necessary.

Modules in this learning path

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure is a guide to the full lifecycle of cloud adoption. Along your organization's journey to the cloud, you encounter roadblocks that can be easily removed through common approaches that thousands of customers share.

Success in cloud adoption depends on having a clear strategy that helps a team understand executive direction and regularly measure progress. This module helps you capture the cloud adoption strategy you need to drive your success.

Adopting the cloud might depend on many moving parts. Starting with a sound plan built by experts creates clarity. Integrating data about your current environment and long-term objectives refines the plan to reflect realistic expectations and assignments.

Azure landing zones can accelerate configuration of your cloud environment. This module will help you choose and get started with the best landing zone option for your needs.

The Migrate methodology in the Cloud Adoption Framework guides you through migration to Azure by using repeatable processes and common tools.

Without proper governance, it can be difficult and laborious to maintain consistent control across a portfolio of workloads. Fortunately, cloud-native tools like Azure Policy and Azure Blueprints provide convenient means to establish those controls. The Govern methodology helps you evaluate and establish corporate policies and disciplines to mitigate tangible risks.

As workloads are deployed to the cloud, operations are critical to success. In this learn module, you learn how to deploy an operations baseline to manage workloads in your environment. The module also covers how to enhance the baseline, both for workloads and for platforms.

Innovation is a complex subject that encompasses many disciplines. The agility of the public cloud allows to quicker innovation cycles and quicker hypothesis verification. Learn how to use Azure cloud technologies to sustain your organization's innovation requirements.

Organizations moving to the cloud often find they need to modernize security practices and tooling to keep up with continuous changes in cloud platforms, business requirements, and security threats.

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure provides guidance for this security modernization journey by providing clarity on processes, best practices, models, and experiences. This guidance is based on Zero Trust principles and the lessons learned and real-world experiences of Microsoft's own security work. It's also based on work with organizations like the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Open Group, and the Center for Internet Security.