Cloud storage


Gain a deep understanding of data and how it's stored on the cloud.

In this learning path, you will:

  • Get an overview of data and how it can be stored
  • Read case studies of how data is stored in distributed file systems
  • Learn from case studes of how NoSQL databases and cloud object storage works

In partnership with Dr. Majd Sakr and Carnegie Mellon University.


  • Understand what cloud computing is, including cloud service models, and common cloud providers
  • Know the technologies that enable cloud computing
  • Understand how cloud service providers pay for and bill for the cloud
  • Know what datacenters are and why they exist
  • Know how datacenters are set up, powered, and provisioned
  • Understand how cloud resources are provisioned and metered
  • Be familiar with the concept of virtualization
  • Know what the different types of virtualization are
  • Understand CPU virtualization
  • Understand memory virtualization
  • Understand I/O virtualization

Modules in this learning path

Learn all about data and get an overview of how it's stored, including local and distributed file systems, databases, and object storage.

Discover how distributed file systems work, then learn about Hadoop and Ceph.

Learn about two more types of storage - NoSQL databases and object storage - with case studies from industry.

This learning path and modules are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike International License.