Create custom copilots with Azure AI Studio (preview)

Data Scientist
AI Engineer
Azure AI services

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more accessible through easy-to-use platforms like Azure AI Studio. Learn how to build generative AI applications like custom copilots that use language models to provide value to your users.


Before starting this module, you should be familiar with fundamental AI concepts and services in Azure. Consider completing the Get started with artificial intelligence learning path first.

Modules in this learning path

Microsoft Azure offers multiple services that enable developers to build amazing AI-powered solutions. Azure AI Studio (preview) brings these services together in a single unified experience for AI development on the Azure cloud platform.

Learn about how to use prompt flow to develop applications that leverage language models in the Azure AI Studio (preview).

Copilots can work alongside you to provide suggestions, generate content, or help you make decisions. Copilots use language models as a form of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and will answer your questions using the data they were trained on. To ensure a copilot retrieves information from a specific source, you can add your own data when building a copilot with the Azure AI Studio (preview).