Create financial reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Business User
Dynamics 365
Business Central

Are you responsible for generating financial reports from Business Central? This learning path discusses creating budgets, and using financial reports, dimensions, and row and column definitions to generate the financial reports that are typically needed for most businesses.


  • Basic understanding of how to navigate in Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • General knowledge of a general ledger chart of accounts and financial reports

Modules in this learning path

Do you want to know how to create financial budgets in Business Central? If so, then this module is for you. It explains how to set up general ledger budgets in Business Central, demonstrates how to create budgets manually, and shows how to copy and import budgets from Microsoft Excel.

If you want to know more about financial reporting in Business Central, then follow along with this module to find out about how to create your own customized reports without needing to develop them.

Do you want to analyze your business using dimensions? If so, then complete this module and discover how you can use dimensions in financial reports. After demonstrating how to use global dimension in financial reports, this module also explains how to set up analysis views and run analysis by dimensions.

Do you want to have a better insight into your cash flow? If so, this module is for you. In this module, you can find out how to use the cash flow forecast in Dynamics 365 Business Central to generate predictions of a company's cash flow. After explaining the cash flow forecast setup, this module then explains how to create cash flow forecasts in addition to demonstrating how to use machine learning in Business Central cash flow forecasting.