Create relationships, business rules, calculations, and rollups in Dataverse

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Do you need to create data relationships, business rules, calculations, and rollups in Dataverse? These modules help you use Dataverse to build powerful business solutions that will transform your operations, processes, and your entire organization. The learning path Get started with Dataverse introduces you to Dataverse and many of the key concepts which include environment, entities, fields, and options sets. This learning path continues and expands the exploration of Dataverse with an overview how to form relationships between entities, how to build business rules to perform logic based upon your organization's needs, and how to add calculations and rollup fields.


  • Basic understanding of the topics covered in the Get started with Dataverse learning path. Many of the capabilities and exercises within this learning path require you to be a member of the Administrator Role in an environment and you must have a valid Power Apps license. If you have not been added to the Administrator Role or do not have Power Apps license assigned to you, you should create a personal environment by accessing the Community Power Apps plan and setting up a personal environment by following the directions referenced in the summary section of the first module. The Community plan will allow you to use one environment (your Developer environment), create an instance of Dataverse and access all capabilities of a Power Apps license. Restrictions - The Community Power Apps plan lets you try out aspects of Power Apps and Dataverse but you can't use it for productions solutions and you cannot publish and share any Power Apps you create in this environment.

Modules in this learning path

Do you need to create relationships between tables? This module will show how and why you can separate data into tables and how to relate between tables to build complex and robust business solutions. It will also explain the different kinds of relationships that you can define between tables in Dataverse.

The ability to build business rules that ensure consistent business logic whatever app is accessing that data set is imperative to a successful business operation. This module will show you how you can build business rules that are triggered anytime they're used within Dataverse.

Do you want to use rollup or calculation columns? This module shows you how to build calculations or rollups that are defined and triggered within the data in Dataverse, regardless of the app that accesses that data set.