Create and use analytics reports with Power BI

Business User
Functional Consultant
Data Analyst
Microsoft Power Platform
Power BI

This learning path introduces you to Power BI, and teaches you to use and build business intelligence reports.

This learning path can help you prepare for the Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Associate certification.


  • Familiarity with Excel
  • Access to the Power BI service
  • Power BI Desktop

Modules in this learning path

Learn about Power BI, the building blocks and flow of Power BI, and how to create compelling, interactive reports.

How can you find, collect, and clean data from different sources? Power BI is a tool for making sense of your data. You will learn tricks to make data-gathering easier.

Connect Power BI to multiple data sources to create reports. Define the relationship between your data sources.

Create and customize visuals to present data in compelling and insightful ways.

Turn your business intelligence data into data insights by creating and configuring Power BI dashboards.

Publish and share your Power BI reports and dashboards to teammates in your organization or to everyone on the web.