Work with data in C#


Dive deeper into data and types, learning how to manipulate string and numeric data.

In this learning path, you'll:

  • Choose the correct data type for the type of data you need to work with
  • Cast and convert data from one type to another
  • Modify string data, formatting it for display or changing the content of the string
  • Manipulate arrays, adding, removing, and sorting data

Once you complete this learning path, you'll take firm control of the data in your code.


  • Beginner level experience with C# concepts including declaring, initializing, and using variables
  • Beginner level experience with the if-elseif-else statement
  • Beginner level experience with arrays and the foreach statement

Modules in this learning path

Learn the difference between many data types, how they work, what they do, and how to choose one over another.

Take control of the data in your applications, knowing when to apply the correct technique to change data types as needed.

Use powerful helper methods to manipulate and control the content of arrays.

Use C# to format strings with white space, special characters, padding, and alignment. Give context to numeric data like currency, percentages, and numbers with decimals.

Use built in methods to extract, remove, or replace data in strings.