Add logic to your applications with C#


Deepen your experience with C# logic and iteration statements, Boolean expressions, and code blocks in this Learning Path.

In this learning path, you'll:

  • Build more complex and expressive Boolean expressions
  • Use code blocks to control variable scope and the execution path of your code
  • Branch the flow of code using the switch-case statement
  • Iterate through a code block with the for, while and do-while statements

Once you complete this learning path, you'll have a stronger grasp of implementing logic in your C# code.


  • Beginner level experience with C# concepts including declaring, initializing, and using variables
  • Beginner level experience with the if-elseif-else statement
  • Beginner level experience with arrays and the foreach statement

Modules in this learning path

Learn the operators and techniques required to evaluate and compare values in your decision statements.

Use code blocks with more confidence, understanding how they impact the visibility and accessibility of both higher and lower-level constructs in your code.

Learn how to add branching logic that matches one variable or expression against many possible values.

Use the for iteration statement to loop a pre-set number of times and control the iteration process.

Use the do-while and while statements to iterate as long as a Boolean expression evaluates to true.