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While the technology is important, designing solutions with Dynamics 365 is about more than the technology. You must know your customers and speak their industry language. You need to understand how to gather and document requirements. You'll explore and define the business processes and map them to functionality to implement solutions with Dynamics 365. This learning path is a great companion to your growing technical knowledge as you put together the technology with the solution design considerations.


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Modules in this learning path

Learn how to be an effective functional consultant on a Dynamics 365 project by getting to know your customer. From project to project, your direct customer contact, and the approach that your company uses to organize teams to work on projects might vary. This module describes the skills and techniques that you can apply to be more effective by engaging directly or indirectly with the customer.

Learn how to be effective at collecting and evaluating project requirements. Asking good questions is essential in helping to ensure that you get the full picture and that the solution that you build will be more complete. This module explores how to identify and refine requirements.

Business processes are part of how customers accomplish their work. To be successful in implementing a business application solution, you’ll need to identify, understand, and translate the business solution onto the new solution that you’re deploying. In this module, you’ll learn how to use techniques, such as shadowing, to discover a customer’s business process. Additionally, you’ll explore how to map the business process into Dynamics 365.

It is important to capture the customer’s needs accurately. This module explains how to capture requirements and identify functional and non-functional items.