APL-2005 Develop AI agents using Azure OpenAI and the Semantic Kernel SDK

Visual Studio Code
Azure OpenAI Service

Learn how to use the Semantic Kernel SDK to build intelligent applications that automate tasks and perform natural language processing.


  • Experience programming in C#.
  • Visual Studio Code IDE installed.
  • Familiarity with Azure and the Azure portal.
  • Access to Azure Open AI Services.

Modules in this learning path

This module introduces the Semantic Kernel SDK. Learn how the kernel connects code to large language models to extend functionality with generative artificial intelligence.

This module explores Semantic Kernel SDK plugins. Learn how plugins to the SDK are used to accomplish customized tasks and create intelligent applications.

This module explores native functions in the Semantic Kernel SDK. Learn how native functions can accomplish customized tasks, effectively giving your AI agent a "skill."

This module introduces different ways to automatically invoke functions using the Semantic Kernel SDK. Learn how planners can generate plans to accomplish tasks and how to fine-tune planners to optimize performance.

This module guides you through the steps required to develop a proof-of-concept AI Travel assistant with the Semantic Kernel SDK. By the end of this module, you complete a small chatbot application.