Explore and configure the Azure Machine Learning workspace

Data Scientist
Azure Machine Learning

Throughout this learning path you explore and configure the Azure Machine Learning workspace. Learn how you can create a workspace and what you can do with it. Explore the various developer tools you can use to interact with the workspace. Configure the workspace for machine learning workloads by creating data assets and compute resources.



Modules in this learning path

As a data scientist, you can use Azure Machine Learning to train and manage your machine learning models. Learn what Azure Machine Learning is, and get familiar with all its resources and assets.

Learn how you can interact with the Azure Machine Learning workspace. You can use the Azure Machine Learning studio, the Python SDK (v2), or the Azure CLI (v2).

Learn about how to connect to data from the Azure Machine Learning workspace. You're introduced to datastores and data assets.

Learn how to work with compute targets in Azure Machine Learning. Compute targets allow you to run your machine learning workloads. Explore how and when you can use a compute instance or compute cluster.

Learn how to use environments in Azure Machine Learning to run scripts on any compute target.