Take your first steps with F#


Interested in learning to program with F# but don't know where to start? Start here! Learn the basic syntax and features of the language. In this learning path you'll:

  • Set up your development environment.
  • Use variables and input and output.
  • Apply conditionals and pattern matching.
  • Author functions and learn to compose them.



Modules in this learning path

Take your first steps with F# - Set up your development environment, write your first line of code, and build your first application

Write your first F# programs, and learn to work with input and output, data type conversions, and operators.

Learn how to manage execution flow in your programs by using if...elif...else and loop constructs.

Learn what functions are and how to declare and call them. Also, learn how to architect with functions by using various patterns.

Learn how to write programs by using lists, and learn how to use the list properties and list functions that are specified in the list module.