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With Dynamics 365 Project Operations, you get the visibility, collaboration, and agility needed to drive success across your project-centric business, from prospects, to payments, to profits. Learn about the capabilities of Project Operations in this learning path.


  • Basic knowledge of project management processes.
  • General knowledge of how to navigate Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

Modules in this learning path

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations empowers business users to adapt to rapidly changing business environments. It provides businesses with everything they need to manage the life cycle of a project from project sales to invoicing and accounting for projects. It provides valuable analytics and insights on resource use, availability, gross margins, and tracking progress and spend on projects.

The sales processes that are used in a project-based organization differ from the sales processes that are used in a product-based organization. The reason is because the sales cycles for project-based organizations are longer and require customized estimate techniques to analyze and create quotes for each deal.

The project management tools in Dynamics 365 Project Operations help you to run projects. The scheduling tools help project managers and teams stay productive.

Resources are the most important assets of a service-based organization. The ability to find the right resources at the right time, book those resources on projects, and then keep them used will help the organization meet revenue targets and customer satisfaction goals.

Simplify time tracking and expense management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Submit, approve, process, and reconcile time and expense entries instantaneously for faster reimbursement and client billing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations for resource/non-stocked based scenarios offers comprehensive capabilities that are tailored to fit the needs of project managers and Accounts receivable clerk/project accountants.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations delivers a business solution complete with project accounting capabilities at every project phase. The project team records time, expenses, and other transactions that are associated with the project, and the project accountant ensures that these transactions are accurately accounted and recorded.

To understand stocked scenarios for Dynamics 365 Project Operations, you’ll need to delve into the setup and delivery management of projects. This module discusses the required setup, work breakdown structures, implementation, and analysis of projects to ensure that project delivery is on time and done well.

Subcontracting is the ability to use other organizations' materials, workers, or services for your own company's project. In this module, you'll learn about the process for subcontracting that most organizations use and how to set up this functionality within Dynamics 365 Project Operations.