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Microsoft Cloud for Retail

Welcome to this learning path on Microsoft Cloud for Retail, a comprehensive solution designed to manage retail data at scale. This learning path aims to guide retail organizations in using Microsoft Cloud for Retail to enhance customer experiences, boost operational efficiency, and ensure the security, compliance, and interoperability of retail data.

You gain a fundamental understanding of Microsoft Cloud for Retail and its key components. You delve into various scenarios where Microsoft Cloud for Retail can be utilized to extract maximum value from your data, enrich the shopping experience, establish a real-time retail supply chain, and empower store associates. You also learn about Retail data solutions in Microsoft Fabric. Let's embark on this learning journey to unlock the full potential of retail data with Microsoft Cloud for Retail.


There are no prerequisites for the first module, Overview of Microsoft Cloud for Retail.

For the second module, Overview of Retail data solutions in Microsoft Fabric, you need to cover the first module and also have familiarity with Microsoft Fabric.

Modules in this learning path

This module introduces Microsoft Cloud for Retail, its key scenarios, capabilities, and the solutions that are supported in each scenario.

This module introduces Retail data solutions in Microsoft Fabric and its capabilities.