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Microsoft Cloud for Retail

Microsoft Cloud for Retail provides capabilities to manage retail data at scale. This makes it easier for retail organizations to improve the customer experience and drive operational efficiency, while helping support security, compliance, and interoperability of retail data.

In this Learning Path, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of Microsoft Cloud for Retail and its core components. You'll be guided through hands-on exercises as you configure, extend, and integrate retail applications deployed through Microsoft Cloud for Retail using Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Microsoft 365, and Azure in your own environment. You'll dive into various modules to explore the Microsoft Cloud for Retail applications, including maximizing value for the data, elevating the shopping experience, building real-time, sustainable supply chain, and empowering store associate.


Modules in this learning path

This module introduces Microsoft Cloud for Retail and the capabilities that are included in each solution package.

This module describes the Microsoft Cloud for Retail capabilities and product mapping. You’ll also learn how to obtain a training environment to use for the subsequent modules in this learning path. Make sure that you have access to the Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft 365 clouds to take full advantage of the Microsoft Cloud for Retail solution and this learning path.

Unified customer profile is a key capability of Microsoft Cloud for Retail. In some ways, it’s where the data story comes together. Unified customer profile can help you gain insights across the complete view of a shopper’s journey.

Shopper and operations analytics priority helps you unlock omnichannel insights with advanced analytics. With shopper and operations analytics, you can predict customer and operational needs, monitor and understand online engagement, and unify data integration, warehousing, and analytics.