Get started with Store Operations Assist in Microsoft Cloud for Retail

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Store Operations Assist solution in Microsoft Cloud for Retail provides store associates with access to data and insights into their workflow. The solution enables retailers to improve bottom line by driving efficiency of store operations, improve customer experience by connecting store associates with customers and also give store associates tools for assistive selling. In this Learning Path, you obtain a foundational understanding of how to use and customize Store Operations Assist Admin and Store Operations Assist Mobile.


  • Microsoft Power Apps licenses with power platform credentials
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Power BI Pro or Premium

Modules in this learning path

The Store Operations Assist solution streamlines store processes and equips your store associates with tools that help improve customer satisfaction, productivity, and collaboration.

Learn about licensing requirements for Store Operations Assist and how to set up a Store Operations Assist trial environment.

Learn how to set up reference data and security in a retail organization for sample personas and scenarios.

Learn how to use Store Operations Assist to manage templates and plans.

Learn to extend Store Operations Assist solution to integrate with your line of business applications

Learn how to set up Store Operations Assist Mobile and use it to view and complete forms and tasks.

Learn how to deploy and set up the Retail Insights dashboard in Store Operations Assist.