Get started with Azure Private 5G Core

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Azure Private 5G Core offers simple, scalable, and secure deployment of private 5G core networks on an Azure Arc-managed edge platform within the Azure private multi-access edge compute solution. The network functions provided by the service connect with standard radio access networks to provide high performance, low latency, and secure connectivity for 4G and 5G enabled devices.

From the modules in this learning path, you can learn about Azure Private 5G Core basics, as well as ways to deploy, monitor, and manage a private mobile network.


  • Fundamental Azure knowledge.
  • Fundamental knowledge of 5G and 4G technologies.

Modules in this learning path

Learn about the capabilities of Azure Private 5G Core and how you can use it to deploy a private mobile network.

Describes Azure Private 5G Core deployment tasks, including prerequisites, deployment methods, and creating mobile network and site.

Learn about the network monitoring capabilities of Azure Private 5G Core, the use of relevant monitoring tools, and the techniques to troubleshoot and resolve network issues.

Describes Azure Private 5G Core routine management tasks, including site management, SIM management, and system upgrading tasks.